Web Design: WordPress

In 2007, I switched my web design business from static HTML sites with hard-coded content to working with WordPress, a database-driven content management system that is lean, powerful, and open source.

Want me to do your WordPress site? Here’s an explanation of what I do and why you should hire me.

What I do

  1. I configure your web server so that it’s compatible and ready for WordPress—then I install the latest stable version.
  2. Based on what you want your site to do, communicate, and feel, I choose an appropriate theme as a base.
  3. I tweak the theme using your color palette, logo, artwork, and photography or determine appropriate elements.
  4. I teach you how to create your own content and update it. (There’s usually not much training; if you can use MS Word, you can use WordPress).
  5. I install, configure, and style (when necessary) plug-ins that will maximize the potential of your site. Although every site will have its own specific plug-in needs, the most commonly requested ones are for gig calendars, audio players, photo galleries, and visitor statistics.

When I’m done, you have a website designed how you want it and that you can update yourself. No need to pay for website maintenance or content updates—in fact, I don’t even take those jobs anymore. The ease and power of WordPress means that you’ve got the ball!

But Are You Paying for Something That’s Already Free?

The answer is no: I’m not charging you for the WordPress software, plug-ins, and themes. Those are free. However, if you don’t have experience configuring servers or installing WordPress, the process can be daunting. Add in the customization of themes (some of which are frustratingly coded), branding of your site, configuration of site navigation and other options, and … you’ve got yourself a huge project. By the time I’m done with it, your site will be all about YOU: Your mission, your identity, your story. I use my HTML, CSS, User Interaction, design, and other skills/experience ideally suit me to work with you. I excel at making content-rich sites easily navigable and well-organized.

Additional Options

Once I install WordPress and create a site to your liking, I can also install/configure the following options to suit your needs:

  • Mailing List (Dadamail)
  • Google Analytics
  • A password-protected admin area (separate from WordPress admin) with secure file upload, file manager, and bookmarks
  • Integration of your other online accounts (photo management: Picasa, Flickr; calendar: Google, iCal; bookmarks: del.icio.us, stumbleupon; etc.) into your WordPress site

How We Can Get Started

  • Send me an email and say you wanna work with me!
  • Subscribe to a hosting package that includes at least 1 MySQL database and is PHP 5 compatible. (Don’t know what this means? Just ask me!)—I like Apollo Hosting personally, but other hosting companies work too.
  • Compile a list of 3-4 websites you like (and why), and 3-4 that you don’t like (and why) and email me; this info will help me determine what theme to customize for your site
  • Compile photos, artwork, logos, etc. (if you have them) for me to use. If you don’t have these things, I have several of top-quality collaborators that I can refer you to.

SOME thumbnails below from my WordPress portfolio